Knoxville Sand-Blasted & Routed Signs

knoxvillesandblastedsign1 Knoxville Sand Blasted & Routed Signs

Sand-blasted and routed signs look great and can last for years! Most of the Knoxville sand-blasted signs we have made and installed have been for subdivisions and churches.

Our Knoxville sand-blasted and routed signs are made from beautiful redwood, cedar, and high-density earth-friendly urethane.

Sand-blasting your business, neighborhood, or church sign adds depth and character. These signs are not only beautiful but sturdy. We hand-pick the wood to make sure your sign is made from the best materials available, then craft your design and lettering with utmost attention to detail.

Our routed signs are a favorite in Knoxville. Routing offers a distinct way to produce a simple, no-nonsense 3-D design. We can create elevation, relief, or a classic gouged effect with a variety of fonts and graphics.

We cover your custom sand-blasted and routed sign with a high-durability finish to protect it from weather, so it will look great for years to come.

You’ll be surprised at how affordable our Knoxville sand-blasted and routed signs are, so if you’re looking for a distinctive, high-end look, be sure to contact us at Coulter Signs.

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