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Our Knoxville sign service truck! Let us install your Knoxville signage, or call on us for sign maintenance and repair.

Not only do we make signs, but we are a Knoxville sign company that also services and repairs signs. Whether you need a new sign for your Knoxville business, you need the bulbs in your company’s existing sign changed, or you need new sign ballast – we’re the people to call!

We offer maintenance services for most any kind of outdoor business sign, whether damaged by forces of nature like wind, rain or hail. We’re dedicated to offering high-quality service at affordable rates!

Your company’s sign is an important advertising tool, and to let it stand with burnt-out bulbs, bad ballasts, or falling-down letters delivers a terrible message to passing traffic. We’d like to help you deliver a great first impression by keeping your business signage in the best condition and looking great at all times.

Call us with your Knoxville signage emergencies, and we’ll dispatch our sign service bucket truck as quickly as possible! We can respond to sign service maintenance and repair calls within 72 hours if not the same day.

Need Your Sign Serviced or Repaired in the Knoxville Vicinity? Call (865) 368-0892 Today!

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